The Quality of Mercy

Synopsis: In which we learn a great deal more about Earth’s criminal justice system, Dr Franklin confronts a woman who possesses a seemingly miraculous healing machine, and Lennier and Londo get up to some shenanigans.



The “Third Fane of Chudomo” is Lennier’s clan within the religious caste.


The 36th Chamber of Shaolin:


There was no Pope Callixtus VI. Callixtus III was as far as they went, and he was a Borgia and hardly counts. Callixtus II was the one who reached the Concordat of Worms with Holy Roman Emperor Henry V, bringing peace between the papacy and the Empire. Callixtus I was so unpopular that the first Anti-pope was raised up during his tenure. So all in all a mixed bag.


The lobotomy doesn’t date back to the 19th century but rather only to the mid -20th.  But 19th century mental health practices were not exactly a picnic. Although, at the time, the practitioners thought they were doing the right thing.


This episode of the podcast The Dollop on the history of the lobotomy is...very difficult to listen to:


And here’s the book Chris was reading that made him faint on an airplane:


June Lockhart, America’s sci-fi mom:


The mentioned scene of the space-hobos huddled around a burning barrel wasn’t actually in this episode. It’s in Chrysalis, next week. Oops. That’s what we get for watching/recording a bunch of episodes at the same time.


There were 5 documented Medlabs aboard Babylon 5. There was also a larger “infirmary” referenced, which may be the general services hospital.


Strange Luck aired 1995-1996. 17 episodes. I would stab someone for a copy of this show on DVD. It looks like many of them are on YouTube, but the quality is dodgy, at best.


Profit aired in April 1996, cancelled after only 5 episodes. Three more were made. It was gloriously deranged and complaints both from Bible Belt viewers and from business caused Fox to pull the plug and replace it with Kindred: The Embraced.