Season 1 Wrap Up

Live and in person for the first time! Some minor microphone issues so we take turns being louder than the other but it isn’t terrible. Maybe by season 5 we’ll learn how to use the equipment.



The room in question. Definitely very Centauri.



“Good old rock. Nothing beats that!”


“Kickboxing, sport of the future.”


Jon’s bottom 3:

3) Soul Hunter

2) Infection

1) Eyes


Chris’s bottom 3:

3) Infection

2) T.K.O.

1) By Any Means Necessary


Jon’s top 3:

3) Chrysalis

2) A Voice in the Wilderness

1) Deathwalker


Chris’s top 3:

3) A Voice in the Wilderness

2) Parliament of Dreams

1) Signs and Portents


Colonel Ari Ben-Zayn was portrayed by Gregory Paul Martin.


The bit with Catherine surveying the unknown world and getting bailed out by G’Kar wasn’t actually in “Parliament of Dreams;” it was in “Mind War.” I (Chris)  still maintain Parliament’s position in my top 3 though. The assassination b-plot was just fine as well.


Caitlin Brown played Na’Toth for season 1 (and then again for a season 5 episode) but left due to issues with the makeup and prosthetics. Mary Kay Adams played her for Season 2.


The “master list” order of episodes from the Lurker’s guide:


Again I (Chris) have confused my B-plots. “Legacies” of course is the episode involving the funeral procession for the Minbari war hero, not the one where Delenn is offered a place on the Grey Council (“Babylon Squared”). I don’t actually get why that leads directly to “Chrysalis” or fits in better that late in the series.


TV Tropes “Out of Order”


Clerks: the Animated Series


Star Trek Continues  Definitely worth a look if you like the original series.