Synopsis: In which a war criminal long thought dead arrives on the station with a tantalizing offer of an immortality serum. The League of Unaligned Worlds wants her tried for her crimes, but the other civilizations trip over themselves racing to prove who can be the most ethically compromised. Then the Vorlons just unilaterally blow her up, so never mind.


Sarah Douglas, the titular DEATHWALKER Warmaster Jha’dur:


An article from the excellent Lawfare Blog on what the US Code of Military Justice has to say w/r/t disobeying an unlawful order. This article specifically addresses  using certain interrogation methods but is generally of interest to the discussion of what Sinclair should/could do when ordered by Senator Hidoshi to send Jha’dur along to Earth immediately:


Vicar Abbut’s role was apparently originally written for Gilbert Gottfried. That makes a lot of sense.


Robin Curtis:  Jon and Chris have a long-standing feud over the relative merits of Stars Trek II and III. The Robin Curtis/Kirstie Alley divide is a new angle here. But as this is the internet, such disagreements are not new ground:


“Oh, Kim Cattrall”is from the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode “City Limits.”