Synopsis: On a very special episode of The Name of the Pod Garibaldi crawls back into the bottle amidst a Homeguard plot to assassinate President Santiago. Also, did we mention that Garibaldi crawls back into the bottle?

Jerry Doyle was a corporate pilot and stockbroker before changing over to acting just a few years before B5 launched. And as we have maintained for many years he acted rings around many folks on this show who had been doing it for a long time.

Elaine Thomas who plays Major Kemmer in this episode, has only a handful of credits on IMDB. Sadly since her name is kind of common it’s hard to figure out whatever became of her.

Augusten Burroughs’ memoir “Dry”

Marc Scott Zicree, writer of this episode, was also the writer of the terrific DS9 episode “Far Beyond the Stars.”

M.A.N.T.I.S. was a terrible, terrible Sam Raimi superhero show of the mid-90s, but at least it starred Carl Lumbly (who I never realized until now was John Parker in Buckaroo Banzai!). William Shatner’s TekWar didn’t even have that.

The Star Trek: New Voyages episode written and directed by Marc Scott Zicree, “World Enough and Time,” featured George Takei and was nominated for a Hugo in 2008. Neat!

Zicree ran a Kickstarter to fund production of a series of Space Command films in 2012. Looks like they are working on post-production and vfx currently.

Space: Above and Beyond. Such a darn good show. Doesn’t seem to be available for digital purchase anywhere, which is a crime. You’ll have to buy physical media like some kind of damn savage.