The Long Dark


Episode 28: The Long Dark (Season 2, Episode 5)

Synopsis: A sleeper ship from a century ago arrives at the station with an uninvited guest, and a Lurker suffers from Lovecraftian PTSD.


Dwight Schultz:

Matt Frewer:


Jon’s recasting


Sheridan - Jeffrey Combs

Ivanova - Kristen Cloke

Garibaldi - Jared Abrahmson

Franklin - Keiynan Lonsdale -

Winters - Michelle Forbes

Londo - Peter Capaldi

Delenn - Tilda Swinton

G’Kar - John Noble

Vir -Haley Joel Osment

Lennir - Aaron Douglas

Na’toth - Maisie Williams

Kosh - Doug Jones


Chris’s recasting

Sinclair - James Morrison

Sheridan - Idris Elba

Ivanova - Gal Gadot (alternate Tessa Thompson

Garibaldi - Donal Logue

Franklin - Cas Anvar

Winters - Tuppence Middleton

Londo - Wentworth Miller

Delenn - Anna Torv

G’Kar - Clancy Brown

Vir - Nick Frost

Lennir - Jimmi Simpson

Na’toth - Jennifer Spence

Kosh - Doug Jones