Soul Mates


Synopsis: In which Londo is visited by his three wives, and Talia is visited by yet another mysterious man from her past.


Peter David:  I’ve always felt like I should like his stuff but for whatever reason it never clicked for me.


The drawbacks of watching the episodes in broadcast order strike again. We comment about how abrupt Talia’s mistrust of the Psi Corps seems in this episode, but next week’s show, “A Race Through Dark Places”, was supposed to come before “Soul Mates,” and that one DEFINITELY sets up her issues with the Corps.


Max is a very lovey cat.




The Lion in Winter ( is our favorite Christmas movie. Take that, Die Hard!


Keith Szarbajka  Seriously folks, we’re not going to shut up about Profit or Space:Above and Beyond so if you’re with us for the long haul you may as well go watch those so you know what we’re talking about.


Carel Struycken