The Long Night


Episode 73: The Long Night (Season 4, Episode 5)

Synopsis: In which Sheridan lays a trap and the reign of Emperor Cartagia comes to an abrupt end.

Dương Văn Minh, the final President of the Republic of Vietnam.

A fellow named Vittorio Emanuele would be the King of Italy today had the monarchy not been abolished in 1946,_Prince_of_Naples

Here was the full title of his father, Umberto II the last king (and suck it, Joffrey):

[Name], by the Grace of God and the will of the Nation, King of Italy, King of Sardinia, Cyprus, Jerusalem, Armenia, Duke of Savoy, count of Maurienne, Marquis (of the Holy Roman Empire) in Italy; Prince of Piedmont, Carignano, Oneglia, Poirino, Trino; Prince and Perpetual Vicar of the Holy Roman Empire; Prince of Carmagnola, Montmellian with Arbin and Francin, Prince bailiff of the Duchy of Aosta, Prince of Chieri, Dronero, Crescentino, Riva di Chieri and Banna, Busca, Bene, Bra, Duke of Genoa, Monferrat, Aosta, Duke of Chablais, Genevois, Duke of Piacenza, Marquis of Saluzzo (Saluces), Ivrea, Susa, of Maro, Oristano, Cesana, Savona, Tarantasia, Borgomanero and Cureggio, Caselle, Rivoli, Pianezza, Govone, Salussola, Racconigi over Tegerone, Migliabruna and Motturone, Cavallermaggiore, Marene, Modane and Lanslebourg, Livorno Ferraris, Santhià, Agliè, Centallo and Demonte, Desana, Ghemme, Vigone, Count of Barge, Villafranca, Ginevra, Nizza, Tenda, Romont, Asti, Alessandria, of Goceano, Novara, Tortona, Bobbio, Soissons, Sant'Antioco, Pollenzo, Roccabruna, Tricerro, Bairo, Ozegna, delle Apertole, Baron of Vaud and of Faucigni, Lord of Vercelli, Pinerolo, of Lomellina, of Valle Sesia, of the Marquisate of Ceva, Overlord of Monaco, Roccabruna and eleven-twelfths of Menton, Noble Patrician of Venice, Patrician of Ferrara.

Romania is a little trickier since King Michael I only had daughters and the royal constitution did not recognize women in the line of succession, even though Michael named his eldest daughter Margareta as his heir. Margareta today claims the title “Custodian of the Crown” although her cousin via her father’s illegitimate half brother lays claim to the title as well.

The end of British rule in Palestine:

The end of British rule of India:

The US occupation of Haiti:

Bryan Cranston: