The Exercise of Vital Powers

Episode 83: The Exercise of Vital Powers (Season 4, Episode 16)

Synopsis: In which Garibaldi returns to Mars and we learn more about Edgars’ plans.

The true mastermind behind Garibaldi’s mind control:

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 2.54.32 PM.png

The fifth roommate in The Young Ones:

Ephrem ZImbalist Jr:

Come in with the milk, come in with the milk:

Most commercial telepaths (P5 level) do need line of sight for telepathy to work, which explains why Edgars wanted to be in another room unseen during Garibaldi’s testing.

Lise met and married William Edgars in 2260, so it’s not clear if that was before or after the secession (not that my grand complicated conspiracy theory panned out anyway).

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