Episode 25: Revelations (Season 2, Episode 2)

Synopsis: In which we get the old band back together, we learn the tragic story of Captain Sheridan’s wife, and strange things are afoot out on the rim


The episode Chris was struggling to remember was of course Signs and Portents. #amateurhour


Netflix’s Travelers


Ancient Aliens: The Narn Version. Would that be hosted by a human, or maybe a Minbari? Did we each get another race’s Ancient Aliens show by mistake?



This episode was directed by Jim Johnston, who brought us season 1 favorites like Babylon Squared and Parliament of Dreams, as well as...less favorites like Soul Hunter, By Any Means Necessary and Survivors.

The more relaxed and deferential relationship between Franklin and Sheridan may be explained by their prior mission together documented in “In The Beginning.” Was JMS already thinking of this prior relationship while writing season 2? Or was that developed later to explain the closer bond between the two men?


HAIRWATCH: Level Theta



Level Delta