The Geometry of Shadows


Episode 26: The Geometry of Shadows (Season 2, Episode 3)

Synopsis: In which Londo plays stupid political games with a mysterious Technomage, and loses, while Commander Ivanova tries to sort out the even stupider political games of the Drazi


The big list of Roman Emperors for the first couple hundred years, referenced in the show.

Jon’s guess of Domitian is close to the mark, but Domitian’s father Vespasian was proclaimed Caesar in the dreaded Year of the Four Emperors (69 C.E) when Domitian was already 18 years old (and his older brother Titus, who preceded him, was 30).  

Antoninus Pius was not a child of Hadrian at all, but was adopted in his fifties.


There are very few films Chris hates as much as Gladiator. He nearly walked out of the theater in the first scene when the Romans had stirrups. Can you imagine what it must be like to live with someone like that?


The first listener to identify the “ROME ROME RUBBISH RUBBISH!” quote gets, well, a keen sense of satisfaction I suppose.